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Disclaimer: The content in this blog is meant to serve as encouragement, and is not a substitute for therapy. Please reach out to a local therapist in your area if that is what you need. 

I LOVE the sound of running water…the ocean, rivers, creeks, fountains…it’s all beautiful to me. It reminds me of life and that our lives flow. Sometimes it’s a slow meandering journey. Other times it’s more like class V rapids.  Right now we are in the rapids. Some might be feeling like they are hitting one fierce wave at a time. Others may be gasping for air, feeling as though they are drowning. But I want to remind you today, that the rapids will end and the river will return to a more easy, gentle flow.

I also love breathing. Not just our normal breathing that we do without thinking.  I love the energizing life-giving breath that clears out our lungs, relieves our stress, and calms our spirit.  So when I can combine the sound of running water with a deep breathing exercise, oh, sweet nature! It’s Heaven! 

I find that it’s hard for people to stop, breathe, and to re-set. However, this process is vital for maintaining balance and focus. I want to invite you to take a moment to recharge right now, preferably with some running water sounds in the background. Here’s how: 

  • Sit comfortably, feet on the floor, hands relaxed on your belly or tops of your thighs.
  • Clear your thoughts and focus on the sound of the running water.
  • Breathe in deeply through your nose, pushing the air all the way to the bottom of your lungs. Your belly should extend….big! Push out those abs!
  • Hold for just a moment while relaxing any muscles you are holding, and then release your breath, through your nose or mouth, whichever feels best.
  • Repeat two more times… this should be about 30 seconds.

I like to do this three times a day. I find it brings me peace, clarity, and energy. I hope the same for you as you learn to harness this tool. Breathe. The turmoil will not last forever.

Be blessed,



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