Find strength and hope during and after divorce.
October 15-17, 2021 | Corbett, Oregon 


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Divorce can be crushing.

When your marriage ends, you probably feel a rollercoaster of emotions – fear, sadness, panic, shame. You might worry about your children, your financial future, and your sanity.

You don’t have to be alone in your pain. Support is available, and healing is possible. You will rise again after divorce.

Keep reading to learn more about this powerful healing weekend.


Are any of these statements true for you?

  • You want to feel hopeful and excited about your future.
  • You want to learn tools that will help you navigate life after divorce.
  • You want to avoid making the same mistakes in your future relationships.
  • You want to learn how to be a better parent, friend, or partner to the the people in your life now.
  • You want to learn how to set healthy boundaries.
  • You’re looking for a faith-based approach to navigating divorce.

If so, we designed this retreat specifically for you.

Our Venue

Our retreats are held at Menucha Retreat and Conference Center, a breathtaking 100-acre private property nestled in the Columbia River Gorge. Here you’ll find spectacular river views, hiking trails, serene ponds, rolling green hills and a labyrinth. This is the perfect place to find peace and quiet, lose yourself in God’s creation, and deepen your healing journey. 

Although there’s plenty to occupy you during our weekend together, if you’d like to explore the area or add a day or two to your trip, you can take a lovely drive along Oregon’s historic highway 30. You’ll find cascading waterfalls and endless beauty. Menucha is just 12 minutes to the glorious Multnomah Falls and 30 minutes to downtown Portland. 


We’ll be staying at the Beam House, where you’ll find incredible views right outside your window. The rooms are simple and clean. Bedding is included.  

Rooms are double occupancy, but single occupancy is available at an additional rate if you book early. Bathrooms will be shared with a few other guests in our group. While there are other guesthouses on the property, our group will be the only occupants of Beam house, allowing us plenty of privacy. 


Let’s get to (one of) the best parts of the weekend: the food. What’s better than an entire weekend of delicious, nourishing food that you don’t have to prepare or clean up after? 

Menucha will provide high-quality meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These are prepared on-site using mostly local ingredients. Coffee, tea, water, and snacks will be provided throughout the day.

If you decide to join us, let us know about any special dietary requests on your inquiry form so we can make sure to accommodate.

What to Expect From This Weekend

  • Finally learn how to release hurt and grief.

  • Reconnect with yourself and rediscover your passions and dreams.

  • Learn how to manage relationships and set healthy boundaries with your kids, family, friends and potential partners. 

  • Identify mistakes you made in your past relationship and learn how to avoid repeating these mistakes in the future.

  • Gain skills and confidence around finances, household management, and building a supportive tribe.

  • Dream Big! Give yourself permission to embrace your authentic, genuine self. Feel hopeful for the adventures that await you! 

The best way to learn a new language is to go to a country where that language is primarily spoken and immerse yourself in it completely.

This same idea applies to your healing journey, too. This full-on, immersive experience will allow you to reap the maximum amount of benefits. You’ll also experience the power of community, as you’ll be joined by Lori and a small group of women who are going through similar experiences and processing similar feelings. 

The cost of coaching at this caliber and amount of time would be much higher and could take weeks, months, or maybe years. But through our weekend retreat, you’ll accelerate those healing benefits (while also receiving delicious food and housing!). 

And although this is a group retreat, the focus is on your needs – whether that means a group coaching session, a solo walk along the trails, a nap, or a peaceful place to sit quietly and enjoy the views. The beauty of this weekend is that it won’t be filled with lectures and activities. You’re in charge of your experience and can participate at whatever level brings you peace and refreshment.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Although I am a licensed therapist, RISEilient offers coaching services, not therapy. Here’s why:

Therapy tends to deal with people's past, and the difficulties that have prevented them from leading an emotionally healthy life in the present. The goal of therapy is to heal pain, dysfunction, and conflict. Therapy also deals with assessing, diagnosing, and treating a mental health issue. 

Coaching, on the other hand, is future-focused. It aims to support personal and professional growth by creating actionable strategies for achieving specific goals. Coaches cannot legally assess, diagnose, or treat a mental health issue. 

Although my training and experience allows me to do both, RISEilient only offers coaching. This will still be extremely beneficial to you, as we’ll uncover obstacles that are getting in the way of your success, find ways to help you move through them, and help you achieve your goals.

We'll be following Menchua's procedures regarding COVID-19. You can find that information here. 
Although there will be safety precautions in place, it is the responsibility of each attendee to review her level of risk and tolerance and to take precautions to keep herself and others safe. Although a vaccination is encouraged, it is not required to attend the retreat. Following CDC guidelines, unvaccinated guests will be required to wear a mask indoors at all times. Unvaccinated guests will also be required to register for a single occupancy room. Proof of vaccination will be requested.

The retreat will be held in Corbett, Oregon on the south side of the Columbia River Gorge at the stunning Menchua Retreat and Conference Center. Menchua is a 30-40 minute ride from downtown Portland, PDX airport, and Portland’s AMTRAK train terminal. Freeways I-84 and I-205 provide easy access by car from all directions. Driving instructions can be found here.

Our entrance is located at 38711 E Historic Columbia River Highway.

This is an all-inclusive retreat. Registration includes a double occupancy room (single occupancy can be requested at a higher rate) with a bathroom and shower shared with a few other retreat attendees. We’ll be staying at the Beam House, a residential space that only our group will have access to. As it is a two-story house with stairs, it is not wheelchair accessible.

We’ll also provide six delicious, high-quality meals made from scratch (Friday dinner, all three meals on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday). There will be coffee, tea, and snacks offered throughout the day. 

And of course, the cost includes daily group teaching and coaching. 

Menucha is just a 30-40 minute ride from downtown Portland, PDX airport, and Portland’s AMTRAK train terminal.

We get it... sometimes, life happens and plans change. Here’s what will happen if you can no longer attend:

Due to the nature of this event, your deposit is nonrefundable. 

If your plans change, you can move your reservation to a future event or transfer the deposit to someone else.

You can request this change up to 7 days before the event at no charge. There is no charge for this. After that point, your deposit will be used to reserve your room and pay for catering and you will no longer be able to move your reservation to a later date. 

If an unexpected family or health emergency comes up within that 7-day window and you cannot attend, I can only roll your registration forward if one of us can find somebody to take your spot.

There are two ways to go about this. First, you could donate your deposit towards another person, with her agreeing to pay the balance. In this case, your deposit goes to her, and you are no longer registered for the event. Alternatively, if she is willing to pay the same price you paid for the event (deposit + balance due), I will roll your deposit & registration forward to a future event. If I have people on a waiting list, I may be able to provide this service, but there’s no guarantee that I’ll have a waiting list. This option does not apply if you forget to attend or miss the event for other non-emergency reasons.

If you have questions about this policy or would like to get the process started, email me at lori@wordpress-1000493-3529957.cloudwaysapps.com.

Lastly, if something happens outside of my control that forces the event to be canceled, I will notify you as soon as possible. You’ll have the option to roll your registration & deposit forward to any future retreat at the current rate.

Your Investment

Double Room Occupancy


Single Room Occupancy


October 15-17, 2021

This retreat is intended to be an intimate, small-group experience, and therefore will be capped at 10 participants.


Please complete the inquiry form below so we can determine if this weekend will meet your needs. It should only take about a minute.