Consulting & Coaching

Personal Group Coaching

If you’re ready to set goals, take accountability, and engage in growth work, group coaching can offer immediate and tangible benefits. The group environment provides the opportunity to pursue your personal goals while receiving insights and support from others who are going through similar situations.

I host group coaching retreats to give you space and safety to focus on your personal development, undistracted by life’s demands. I’ve found that by taking ourselves out of our typical routine and going to a new location, we’re able to have better focus and discover creative solutions to our problems.  

Companies & Organizations

If you’re a leader in an organization, you’re probably the go-to person. But who does the go-to person go to when they need to hash something out, plan, or dream?  

You need a trusted, confidential place to sort out company issues, employee issues or perhaps your personal struggles and goals. Maybe you’d like to sharpen your own coaching skills so you can be a better asset to your employees or team. 

I can help. For over 30 years, I’ve worked with top-level executives and business owners across all kinds of industries. I’m also thrilled to be partnering with Jazz Business Consulting to offer training and coaching tools that will help equip your managers, clarify your strategy, and grow your company.